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Mess Fest  - FAQs

Can I buy tickets in advance?
No, tickets are not available to purchase in advance and it's simply pay on the door when you arrive. You will then be issued with a w

Do you have set times?
Please see below for stage times, however be aware this may be subject to change on the day. This is live music after all!

What time will the music start?

We open at 2pm tomorrow and the first act is on at 2.30pm

Where will the live music be?

The majority of our live music will be in The Live Lounge (aka the Big Mess). However will be some live, acoustic pop up sessions in the garden or smaller bar.

Will there be food on offer?

Yes, Palomino Pizza Co will be in the bar, taking your orders and keeping your hunger pangs at bay.

Are children or dogs allowed?

Due to the nature of the event - loud music, lots of beer, indoors, lively dancing, we wont be allowing dogs or children under 14 (accompanied by an adult) No under 18s at all after 7pm please.

You have two entrances, where do I enter?

In order for us to continually monitor capacity, and in order to ensure external noise is kept to a minimum, entry and exit will be via The Little Mess entrance only.

Will there be seats?

There will tables and seats in the Little Mess and garden, and some seating in The Big Mess, but, be aware, it will be predominantly standing where the live music is taking place.

Can I come and go throughout the day?

It's a one time entry charge of £5. If you decide to leave and come back later, we won't charge you again as long as you still have your wristband, but re-entry is not guaranteed. We will be monitoring real time attendance levels, and sorry but if we're full, we're full.

Will I have a great day?

Too right you will! x


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