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Bag in Box Beer - All Your Questions Answered

If you like a pint of cask beer at the pub, then whilst the pubs are closed, bag in box beers are the closest you'll get to that just pulled taste!  They are dispensed directly from fresh casks, and as no air enters the bag when pouring, they taste great to the very last drop. 

Ideally, we recommend drinking  the beer within 5 days of delivery, but they will last around a week. 


After we've delivered your beer to you, it may need a short time to settle (become clear) before you start drinking. Ideally a few hours or overnight, however, it won’t be the end of the world if you're eager to drink it sooner.

lamb beer box 2.jpg

The ideal temperature to store and drink is 10-12 degrees, you can have it colder,  but it won’t taste nice if it’s any warmer.  Maybe put it in the fridge for a few hours, before storing it somewhere cool. (You can keep it in the fridge if needs be, but be aware it’ll be colder than you’d drink it in the pub)! 

We offer 2 different sizes:  a 5 litre box = 8.7 pints and a 10 litre box =17.6 pints


For a quick and easy way to make your box beers like hand-pulled beers, use the plastic syringe provided, and suck a bit up, pull the syringe out of the beer and then squirt it back into your pint a couple of times for a really nice head 😉 We also have a very handy short video we filmed last summer. Click here to view.

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